• THE FIRST BIT perfect for horse and rider

    We have changed bits forever. Six Bits, LLC has designed and built the first bit ever that is perfect for the horse and rider.
  • Aluminum side plates and shanks attach to the mouthpiece. A removable pin makes it quick and easy to change from one mouthpiece to another. The shanks are modular so that they can be easily rotated so as to adjust between a variety of angle positions ranging from mild to severe. No more need to have different bits for mild, medium or severe. Simply adjust one bit for the desired level of severity. Get the perfect control you need no matter how much control your horse needs and no matter where it is in it’s training with just one bit. Read More
  • We have many copper plated aluminum mouthpieces available. Easily change the mouthpiece to a different style, or even to fit a larger or smaller horse. Read More
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